Project rules


This Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) regulates the terms and conditions of the delivery of services of the site, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer, and is addressed to an individual person who wants to get the services of the site (hereinafter referred to as the Participant.)

Organizer — international company DRIFT GAMES LTD located at 5 Jewry Street, London, ec3n 2ex

Participant — an individual who agrees with the conditions of the Agreement and, in witness whereof, was registered in Ferma.

1.1 Organizer retains the right to make changes and/or additions to the game rules, gameplay.

1.2 By registering the Participant agrees with the project rules and shall follow them.


2.1 The Organizer provides a game site as a way of spending leisure time with the possibility of earning and in no case shall make the Participant use these services.

2.2 The Organizer provides those who want to promote their own resources to other Ferma users with advertising services by means of the Site Surfing section, which works on the Paid to Click principle.

2.3 The Participant can deposit his funds to achieve game progress.

2.4 The Participant can order the payout of funds earned as a result of his activity and achievement in the project without any limitation.


3.1 Not use swear words and words/phrases falling short of censorship when communicating by means of the provided game chat and direct message system.

3.2 Timely report detected errors and defects in the work of the platform and gameplay and not use them for personal purposes.

3.3 It's expressly prohibited:
  • To create more than one account for one person
  • To create more than one account on one device
  • To register accounts for other people from your device
  • To log in other people's accounts, including the accounts of your friends, relatives
  • To link the account to a one-day (one-time) E-mail address

3.4 No use communication means for the purpose of third-party resources advertising.

3.5 Be liable for any financial operations in his account even when they were carried not by him.

3.6 Not criticize the actions of other participants and platform organizer.

3.7 Not use undocumented features (bugs) and game software errors and immediately report the Organizer about them and people who use them.

3.8 Not use external programs of any kind to get advantages in the game.

3.9 The Participant shall take care of necessary computer security measures on his own, keep private and not hand over other participants his login and password. The Participant bears a risk of the adverse consequences of disclosure of this information.

3.10 The Participant shall not use logins and names similar to administrator's login when registering: admin1, admin33, adminn, administrations, etc., moder, moderator, etc., which can mislead other system participants, are also forbidden.

3.11 The Participant shall respectfully treat other users and project administration when contacting the technical support or addressing via the system of Direct Messages.


4.1 It's forbidden to add sites to be advertised, which violate the normal course of Site Surfing, destroy the timer frame, contain viruses, Trojan horses, redirects, fishing links or any other malicious software.

4.2 It's forbidden to add sites to be advertised, which contain pornography, erotic materials, intimate service resources, resources filled with numerous partner programs and ads, resources advertising autoclickers, autobrowsers, various hacking software, «magic wallets», resources requiring sending paid SMS, resources with the content aimed at the incitement of ethnic hatred.

4.3 It's forbidden to place a site in Site Surfing with the use of URL shorteners.

4.4 A Site Surfing advertising, which got many reports, can be blocked and sent for checking, if the complaints turn to be reasoned, the advertising campaign can be blocked.


5.1 Ensure the maximum availability of the project on the Internet, inform about scheduled maintenance.

5.2 Constantly make it possible to withdraw the money earned without limitation within three business days. In case of force-majeure circumstances related to payment systems the Organizer has a right to delay payout for the period up to 7 days.

5.3 Accord confidential treatment to the personal data of every project participant.

5.4 Give prompt technical support to project participants through a special section - Support.

5.5 Constantly improve the project for the best taking into account the majority opinion of project participants.

5.6 Support and competently distribute the project game pool for providing steady and regular payouts to participants.


6.1 The Organizer doesn't guarantee the continuous access to the game platform and its services in case of technical bugs and/or unforeseen circumstances such as invalid work or non-functioning of Internet providers, information services, bank and payment systems, as well as third parties' illegal acts. The Organizer will apply best efforts to prevent failures, but is not responsible for temporary technical malfunctions and idle time regardless of the causes of these failures. In case of force majeur situation, the Organizer shall provide access to the project within 3 days from the moment of its inaccessibility on the Internet.

6.2 The Participant fully agrees that the Organizer cannot be responsible for participant's losses resulted because of third party's illegal acts aimed at electronic equipment and game databases security breach or because of breaks, suspending or disruption of the operation of communication channels and networks used for interaction with the Participant beyond Organizer's control, as well as payment systems' or third parties' illegal acts or misguided actions.

6.3 The Organizer declines all responsibility for losses incurred as a result of Participant's use or non-use of information about the project, game rules and the project itself and is not responsible for losses or other damage the Participant incurred because of his unskilled actions and ignorance of game rules or his miscalculation.

6.4 The Participant fully agrees that the system administration is not responsible for the content of advertised sites and for the adequacy of information placed there. Ads in Ferma are placed automatically without pre-moderation.

6.5 The Organizer is not responsible before the Participant for other participants' actions.